About us

Our company

Samo Belt establishment has distinguished experience in the field of leather belts and leather goods.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service

In order to keep oour top quality control, we are always up-to-date with our ISO 9001 Certification.

We export international all over the world. In sepcific we export to Europe; Germany, UK, Belgium and Italy. In addition, we extensively export to all Middle East, North Africa and Gulf region.

Our Factory

Our factory operates with the newest machinery and equipment in the production line. All of our employees are experts in the field. Also our factory has a great deal of requested goods. Besides, we serve our customers by performing only the models they request. We are specialized in making leather belts and leather goods. Our prices competes the international markets.


The corporation processes the modernised fashion that satisfies all people. Our experience has been appreciated and rewarded in many international affairs. Please do not limit our products to the catalogue, we are designing new models everyday. Our brands are:


In addition, we have custom made brands as per customer's requirements.